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Bordi Tour Planner

Introducing an innovative way to spend your weekend at the nearest weekend hotspot in Mumbai.

Bordi Tour Planner is a customize package that covers everything you want as per your preference and we, at The Jungle Camp will fit it -into 1-2 or 3 days itinerary.

-This includes

  • Bicycle ride (self drive)
  • Motorcycle ride (self drive)
  • Ride by SUV
  • Adventure sports activity
  • Trekking, hiking.
  • Outbound activities (such as river-crossing, zip-line, burma bridge, rappelling, archery, rifle shooting etc.)
  • Agritourism, tour of the real farm.
  • Sunset on the beach, with camel ride.
  • & more, all you can customise!

We’ll start receiving enquiries from next month as we streamline the package planner for you.