About the Owner

The owner of the jungle farm, Mr. Suryahas Chaudhari, born and brought up in this nature and wilderness surroundings, grown up with warli tribals.

His love for nature and conservation associates him with groups like trees and tribes, nature clubs, tarzen adventure group, join forest management committee, tribal activity association, SVSA. Mr.Suryahas has been working as nature camp co-ordinator for many schools, colleges and institutions.
Mr. Suryahas is working voluntarily for forest department and the wild life rescue works. He is an ardent snake lover. His passions are trees and medicinal plants. He is a member of animal saving group Dahanu.

He is one of the hardcore organic farmers. All his farms are organic projects. His specialty is organic hapus and kesar mango.
He is a recipient of “PARYATAN RATNA- 2010” award for his efforts in nature-trail and rural tourism.
He’s been awarded “Kirloskar Vasundhara Mitra” award (किर्लोस्कर वसुंधरा मित्र पुरस्कार) for his wildlife awareness programmes and conservation efforts.

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