About The Jungle Farm

The Jungle farm is adventure and agro-tourist spot near Mumbai created for nature enthusiasts who would rather love being at outdoors and explore new places. Far far away from highways, railways or polluted city-roads, the jungle farm is located near water reservoir, dam and hill, making it very calm and relaxing place. Relaxed still, our guests doesn’t sit inside the rooms as we’ve plenty of interesting activities all the time. After all it’s an adventure tourism destination, right?
The founder of the jungle farm, Mr. Suryahas Chaudhari started it as passion for nature in early 90’s and has served tens of thousands of guests and students so far! He has been doing a noble work of creating jobs at local level. All tour guides and volunteers are tribal people living in the vicinity of the area.
The facility includes a well maintained cottage dated 1942. We provide choice of staying in tents, tree-tops or at the big lavish farm house. We have 4 attached fresh rooms and 8 fresh rooms for outdoor campers with provision of warm/hot and normal/cold water.
The Jungle Farm is a property of 15 acre land. It’s very rich in flora and fauna, has different trees, birds, variety of butterflies and wild animals in neighbouring areas.
We provide local flavoured food, locally made from vegetables and fruits taken from the farms. The guests get the opportunity to pluck fresh vegetables and fruits from plants/trees at the farm. ‘Jungle Camp Dinning Hall’ (JCDH as we call it!) can accommodate 60 people at a time. It’s a special area for eating out where guests can sit in group and enjoy the meals. Our flagship dish is Ukadhandi (also called ubadiyu/ ubadiya in Gujrati) is more than just a dish or food. It’s an evening campfire event during winter or summer where guests can sit near fire-place to feel the warmth while the the food inside the pot bakes. It’s an incredible dish that can only be experienced and can not be described! In addition to all these items, our guests enjoy veg or non-veg barbeque (grilled/ BBQ). All in all, at the jungle Farm eating is ‘outdoor activity’.

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