Sightseeing and shopping

Bordi is a tourisit destination and have plenty for places to visit and plenty of things to do. Apart from the main attraction of the Bordi and Dahanu area- the beach, there’re lots of other spots worth visiting. The Jungle Camp organises Bharot caves trek, our star attraction! Bharot Cave is a sacred place for Zoroastrian/Parsi’s where they first kept their sacred fire when they first arrived India via Arabian Sea. Udvada, also known as ‘The Mecca of Zoroastrians’ has very beautiful temple worth visiting.

Vrindavan studio, where some of historical TV serials were shot -including Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, is within 10kms from Bordi. Shantoshi Mata Mandir, SaiBaba’s temple, Gajanan Maharaj Temple, famous Mahalaxmi mountaintop Mandir all are nearby places.


Gholvad is well known for it’s chickoo plantation. At the Jungle Farms our guests get the opportunity to pluck chickoo from trees, this is something unique and would not be available everywhere. As a souvenir one can buy authentic warli painting. (yes, and when we say authentic, we mean created by real tribal person!

Things to shop during your stay at The Jungle Farm or at Aswali/Bordi in general:

  • Fresh chickoos
  • dried chickoo chips
  • Warli Paintings
  • Drift wood art pieces
  • authentic Parsi dairy and backery products

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