Summer Camp for kids 2013 April & May

Get the best of nature, adventure and agro tourism, rural experience at the Jungle Organic Farm. Book the dates in your calendar and send your kids to the Jungle Farms!

Announcing summer programmes for kids and students.

  • 23nd April to 27th April  (5 day camp)
  • 1st May to 5th May  (5 day camp)jungle-camp-form

Let your kids be the free birds for a while…
..let them wander through lush green farms like butterflies…
..let them be the farmers for a day n pluck chikoos n take it home…
..spoil their hands with mud on POTTERS WHEEL n get d joy of creation…
..ride a tractor or bullock-cart….
..use a BECHKEE (slingshot) to drop a kachha mango or IMLEE..
..Learn the famous folk dance n d art of WARLI PAINTING from real tribals..
..interact with forest officials in wild life awaerness programs..
..visit to the mangroves..ride the bicycle on off-road terrain.
..n lots more…..

Besides this CAMPERS can do –

  • Archery
  • Darts
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Obstacle Games
  • Trekking
  • Nature Trail
  • Star Gazing
  • TreasureHunt
  • Bird Watching Technique
  • Tent Camping
  • Rappelling
  • learn few Jungle Survival tips from our very own “man with the wild” -Jungle Uncle!

Details to follow, contact mobile no. 080078 46966, 098608 41231, 094215 48899.

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7 thoughts on “Summer Camp for kids 2013 April & May”

  1. We would like to join the summer jungle safari camp.
    Please send us the details

  2. Dear Sir,

    My daughter Aishwarya, enjoyed the camp for kids last year (2012). She is now 11 years old. We wish to send her again for this camp from 23nd April 2013 to 27th April2013 (5 day camp).

    Request you to please enroll the same.

    Thanking you,
    Kishor Raut

  3. My son Ahaan is interested in the summer camp from 1 st of may till5th may.Can you let me know the details, like cost what it entails etc

  4. Dear Suryahaas,
    I suppose that the attending student should try and stay there without mobile, psp2/3 and playboy etc
    That is the whole idea …..if parents understand growth in correct perspective isthat they should as far as possible avoid the recent trend of over-parenting and refrain from calling every evening. its just 5 days….not months. Suryahaas is capable in charge.

    Suryahaas, i personally feel that you are the guardian of Malhar while he is at your estate. dont know about others i will not call up unless its an emergency, and so shall you.


  5. Dear sir ,
    need the photographs link for the 1st to 5th may batch…excited to seee the photographs ..

    rhea nahar

  6. Dear Sir,
    The Jungle Camp was one of the best experience of my life.All the activities like trekking,rappelling,river-crossing etc were realy very nice & adventurous.Star-Gazing,Nature Trail,Jungle Cooking,Warli Painting,Air Rifle Shooting were one of the my favourate activities.THANK YOU sir giving me such a wonderfull experience..:);>

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